Value Added Services


Cut to Length

cut to length

Cutting to length means ready to assemble. It saves waste, transport costs, time and onsite resources. Our state-of-the-art cutting equipment is fast and precise – straight or angled.
Separately cut off-line, with a tolerance of ±1 mm and an angle tolerance of ±1 degree (also other tolerances possible). Length of the piece can be from 20 mm up to 9000 mm.

  • material costs >> no waste, no scrap
  • transport costs >> smarter logistics 
  • labour costs >> less work needed
  • equipment and tool costs >> less tools needed 
  • project time management >> assembly-ready components
  • Length, ft (m)
    Outside Diameter,
    in. (mm)
    Permissible Variations in Length, in.
    4 (1.2) and under upto 2 (50.8), incl 1/16 1.6 0
    over 2 to 4 (50.8 to 101.6), incl 3/32 2.4 0
    over 4 (101.6) 1/8 3.2 0
    Over 4 to 10 (1.2 to 3.0), incl up to 2 (50.8), incl 3/32 2.4 0
    over 2 (50.8) 1/8 3.2 0
    Over 10 to 24 (3.0 to 7.3), incl all sizes 3/16 4.8 0

  • Multiple Length

  • multiple length
  • Optimize the length

    What is the length you need? We can deliver the tubes in length that serves you best. By optimizing the original production length fitting the final length, you can also save in material costs (for example 2,5 m + 2,5m + 2,5 m =7,5 m). The delivery time for multiple lengths in line and standard 6 m tubes is usually the same.

    Multiple lengths are cut with a tolerance of -0/+20 mm, possible lengths 
    being from 4 000 mm up to 18 000 mm.

  • Laser Cutting

  • laser tube cutting
  • Cutting multipart tube sections with a tube laser saves time and reduces costs. The final product can be produced from the raw tube element by means of just one tool. No separate finishing stage is required. Tube lasering is extremely accurate with tolerances and also cost –effective.

    Benefits of laser cutting in tube or profile cutting:
    • Tube or profile cross-section shape does not restrict applications
    • The system is also good for complex, multi-part elements and small-scale serial production
    • Parts can be integrated directly with the element
    • The number of works stages can be reduced, making the overall process faster
    • Excellent cutting quality results


  • Special Materials

  • special materials

    Our wide range of stainless steel grades includes all standard austenitic grades. We are also able to deliver various stainless steel project materials such as duplex and ferritic grades, which are available by request with certain minimum quantities.

    • EN 1.4539/AISI 904L
    • EN 1.4541/AISI 321
    • EN 1.4362/SAF 2304
    350 hollow sections

    Using our high strength class 350 hollow sections up to 100x100x6 mm, you can reduce wall thickness and save on weight and costs.