Laser Cutting of Pipes and Section

Using laser cutting, you can boost your productivity of labour substantially when machining or cutting pipes/tubes and sections made of structural and rust-proof steel as well as of aluminium and its alloys.
This laser´s feed bin can hold 4 tons in bars/rods with length up to 6500 mm; the automatic feeder then feeds the laser cutter continually.

In no more than one operation, our laser is able to cut with pinpoint accuracy any hole into a pipe, tube or hollow angular section, to shape the front according to any contour you like or to adapt the finished product to the specified length.

In this way, you can substantially reduce the cost of production, as the following operations are superfluous: cutting, drilling/boring, milling, intermediate operation.

Further Advantages

  • High cutting accuracy – a 0.2 mm tolerance
  • Clean burless cut
  • Holes to be cut even through the profile edge (in case of hollow angular sections)
  • There are no tool costs at all (as compared with other technologies)
  • Intersection or interconnection of the same or different sections into the L, T, U, V, X or Y shapes
  • Effectiveness even in small lot orders and in the production of antetypes or samples/specimens
  • Possible optimization of products´ composition on each single bar with an eye to the minimum bar rest
  • In the field of rust-resistant materials, the laser technology is virtually the single one which allows the section units and space structures to be fabricated effectively.


Reducing and simplifying the subsequent operations, the laser technology is highly effective when cutting space tubular constructions. Due to utilizing quick couplers and connectors cut by laser, you need no more so many welding jigs; the subsequent space assembly is markedly facilitated by them.

3D Video Cut
profiled tube


We manufacture for the following grades :
301 Profiled Tubes, 302 Profiled Tubes, 304 Profiled Tubes, 304L Profiled Tubes, 305 Profiled Tubes, 309S Profiled Tubes, 309S-Cb Profiled Tubes, 310S Profiled Tubes, 316 Profiled Tubes, 316L Profiled Tubes, 317 Profiled Tubes, 321 Profiled Tubes, 330 Profiled Tubes, 347 Profiled Tubes, 429 Profiled Tubes, 430 Profiled Tubes, 430-Ti Profiled Tubes.

301 SHS, 302 SHS, 304 SHS, 304L SHS, 305 SHS, 309S SHS, 309S-Cb SHS, 310S SHS, 316 SHS, 316L SHS, 317 SHS, 321 SHS, 330 SHS, 347 SHS, 429 SHS, 430 SHS, 430-Ti SHS.

301 Square Hollow Section, 302 Square Hollow Section, 304 Square Hollow Section, 304L Square Hollow Section, 305 Square Hollow Section, 309S Square Hollow Section, 309S-Cb Square Hollow Section, 310S Square Hollow Section, 316 Square Hollow Section, 316L Square Hollow Section, 317 Square Hollow Section, 321 Square Hollow Section, 330 Square Hollow Section, 347 Square Hollow Section, 429 Square Hollow Section, 430 Square Hollow Section, 430-Ti Square Hollow Section.

301 RHS, 302 RHS, 304 RHS, 304L RHS, 305 RHS, 309S RHS, 309S-Cb RHS, 310S RHS, 316 RHS, 316L RHS, 317 RHS, 321 RHS, 330 RHS, 347 RHS, 429 RHS, 430 RHS, 430-Ti RHS.

301 Rectangular Hollow Section, 302 Rectangular Hollow Section, 304 Rectangular Hollow Section, 304L Rectangular Hollow Section, 305 Rectangular Hollow Section, 309S Rectangular Hollow Section, 309S-Cb Rectangular Hollow Section, 310S Rectangular Hollow Section, 316 Rectangular Hollow Section, 316L Rectangular Hollow Section, 317 Rectangular Hollow Section, 321 Rectangular Hollow Section, 330 Rectangular Hollow Section, 347 Rectangular Hollow Section, 429 Rectangular Hollow Section, 430 Rectangular Hollow Section, 430-Ti Rectangular Hollow Section.

301 Profiled SHS, 302 Profiled SHS, 304 Profiled SHS, 304L Profiled SHS, 305 Profiled SHS, 309S Profiled SHS, 309S-Cb Profiled SHS, 310S Profiled SHS, 316 Profiled SHS, 316L Profiled SHS, 317 Profiled SHS, 321 Profiled SHS, 330 Profiled SHS, 347 Profiled SHS, 429 Profiled SHS, 430 Profiled SHS, 430-Ti Profiled SHS.

301 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 302 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 304 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 304L Profiled Square Hollow Section, 305 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 309S Profiled Square Hollow Section, 309S-Cb Profiled Square Hollow Section, 310S Profiled Square Hollow Section, 316 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 316L Profiled Square Hollow Section, 317 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 321 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 330 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 347 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 429 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 430 Profiled Square Hollow Section, 430-Ti Profiled Square Hollow Section.

301 Profiled RHS, 302 Profiled RHS, 304 Profiled RHS, 304L Profiled RHS, 305 Profiled RHS, 309S Profiled RHS, 309S-Cb Profiled RHS, 310S Profiled RHS, 316 Profiled RHS, 316L Profiled RHS, 317 Profiled RHS, 321 Profiled RHS, 330 Profiled RHS, 347 Profiled RHS, 429 Profiled RHS, 430 Profiled RHS, 430-Ti Profiled RHS.

301 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 302 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 304 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 304L Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 305 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 309S Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 309S-Cb Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 310S Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 316 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 316L Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 317 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 321 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 330 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 347 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 429 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 430 Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section, 430-Ti Profiled Rectangular Hollow Section.

301 Flat Tubes, 302 Flat Tubes, 304 Flat Tubes, 304L Flat Tubes, 305 Flat Tubes, 309S Flat Tubes, 309S-Cb Flat Tubes, 310S Flat Tubes, 316 Flat Tubes, 316L Flat Tubes, 317 Flat Tubes, 321 Flat Tubes, 330 Flat Tubes, 347 Flat Tubes, 429 Flat Tubes, 430 Flat Tubes, 430-Ti Flat Tubes.